Flyer Lounge

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Location :
Marina, Esplanade, Suntec
Contact :
6854 5247
Address :
Singapore Flyer 30 Raffles Ave 039803

Operating Hours :
Daily from 11am – 11pm
Pricing :
> $80

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Billing itself as ‘exquisite, cosy and posh’, another deluxe cocktail lounge opens at the foot of the Singapore Flyer with an alfresco space and some seriously retro, trend-defying mixology at the bar. If it feels dated, then, well, it’s supposed to. The line-up of craft cocktails here comes from the list of winners as far back as 1988, when it was all about tiki umbrellas and lurid colours. Remember Archers peach schnapps? Malibu? Bols Blue curaçoa? Hardly de rigueur right now, and you might wonder why they’ve decided to return to the era of the DeLorean and shoulder pads, when cocktails where probably at their kitschiest. Still, credit for not falling lazily on the classics, and more recent offerings like 2009’s Highland Cigar ($18++), with Johnnie Walker, oolong tea, mango and apple, show more promise.

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