Que Pasa

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Cavenagh Road, Scotts Road, Newton
Contact :
6235 6626
Address :
7 Emerald Hill Road 229291

Operating Hours :
Mon - Thurs: 1.30pm-2am
Eve of Public Holiday, Friday and Saturday: 1.30pm-3am
Public Holiday and Sunday: 5.30pm-2am
Pricing :
$40 - 60

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Stacks of wine bottles from more than 100 labels line the dark wood-panelled walls of this shophouse-turned-‘Spanish provisions store’. Ambience is a major player here, with dusty wooden barrels crowding the corners, a casual lounge room with armchairs upstairs, and a front deck that’s ideal for enjoying something from the cigar menu. The wine-by-the-glass selection is decent (about a dozen on offer), while oenophiles may be more interested in the ‘library collection’ – an exclusive selection of bottles acquired from private collections (although charged at exclusive prices). The tapas menu is superb – marinated olives, cheeses and mushrooms are must-tries, along with the paper-thin-crust pizzas.

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