Actors The Jam Bar @ Boat Quay

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6533 2436
Address :
13A - 15A South Bridge Road Singapore 058657

Operating Hours :
Mon - Sat 6pm - 2am
Sun Open for Private Functions
Pricing :
$40 - 60

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Not many bars in Singapore let tone-deaf punters get onstage and sing with the house band – but here, you can sing up to three songs in a row before they drag you off. You can even borrow the band’s guitar or drums and show off your hours of Rock Band training. It’s a KTV addict’s fantasy (or a nightmare for someone with a migraine) and overall, a pretty hysterical way to spend a night out with friends. The bar itself isn’t the most glamorous joint in town, but that’s its charm; you share it with aunties and uncles, wannabe rockers and students. You can also buy a bottle of spirits, tag it, leave it at the bar and enjoy it whenever you come back.

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