Gong Singapore

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Occasions :
Location :
Boat Quay
Contact :
+65 8393 2216
Address :
25 Circular road, Singapore 049381

Operating Hours :
Mon - Sat
5pm till late
Pricing :
$20 - 40

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GONG is an extravagant daily experience taking place every day, an exquisite place to unwind after a stressful day at work and why not an aperitif/after drink after your sumptuous dinner.

Gong embarks you a place of inspiration and reminiscent to relax, a mottled decoration with a unique pieces around the world.

Music reigns, the most trendiest place in Singapore opened its doors for you to enliven your story on music that will accompany you in a wonderful world of sensuality and elegance, resonance, taste, smell, ambience and enjoy the rhythm with GONG’s emblematic instrument of this unusual space.


Happy Hour:
5 - 8pm daily

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