Who, What, Whiskey

Jan 13 2014

Ah, the little sip of heaven we know and love. Hands up those of you who have friends who are whiskey enthusiasts and expound on the glories of this amber liquid every chance they get. Its educational, but every once in a…

Whiskey 101 With Charles J Wright

Jun 11 2014

Like wine, whiskey can be a little intimidating. We know our Chivas, our Johnnie Walker and our Glens, but how much do we really know about one of the most widely consumed spirits?  The Drinksomewhere team recently got the chance to sit…

Curious Facts About Your Favourite Drinks

Mar 16 2016

London flooded with beer, killing people? Marilyn Monroe bathing in champagne? Gin as malaria prevention? As our favourite drinks have caused many controversies and questionable moments over the years, it’s time to look at some of them and discover some curious facts.…

A Brief History of Alcohol – Whiskey

Apr 1 2016

The notorious drink is a great source of inspiration for some, while remains an enigma to many others. Is it whisky or whiskey or scotch? Which brands are actually good? Where do the best ones come from? There are dozens of questions…