Into Arctic's Edge: Reyka Vodka

Aug 11 2014

Cheers, or as they say in Iceland, Skál! Enter Reyka, the newest kid on the block that entered with one hell of a bang- and after receiving the cool invites, we expected no less. Officially debuting 31st July, the launch party for…

The Wonderful World Of Vodka

Sep 3 2014

If one were to ascribe true character to a drink, then it would surely be vodka. This clear and strong spirited beverage is often referred to as a man’s drink. Although there are certainly plenty of men in love with vodka, women…

Curious Facts About Your Favourite Drinks

Mar 16 2016

London flooded with beer, killing people? Marilyn Monroe bathing in champagne? Gin as malaria prevention? As our favourite drinks have caused many controversies and questionable moments over the years, it’s time to look at some of them and discover some curious facts.…