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20 Spectacular Rooftop Bars

Jan 29 2014

\The sky's the limit, they say, and the sky is pretty much what it's all about here. Check out our round up of the world's most spectacular rooftop bars and their breathtaking Instagram-worthy views. You don't need to wings to soar this…

Pretty In Pink

Feb 10 2014

While I usually avoid anything pink like the plague, I make an exception when said pink is inside my glass, because when it comes to booze, colour really doesn't matter. Check out our compilation of the prettiest pink drinks in every hue…

Crazy Coffee Art

Feb 20 2014

Art presents itself through some of the most unconventional mediums, and one of them is the humble cup of coffee. Ever since coffee shops in Seattle started creating unique designs on their drinks to differentiate themselves from their competitors, the rest of…

20 Gorgeous Cocktails

Feb 24 2014

Beauty is everything in today's world. Check out these 20 incredibly photogenic cocktails that would give your regular gin-and-tonic an inferiority complex. It's like Mean Girls- if you were a glass of booze. #youcantsitwithusSource SourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSource