10 New Year's Eve Cocktails

Dec 26 2013

Christmas is over. The turkey's been eaten (or made into sandwiches for the next week), presents unwrapped and some of us are probably still mildly hungover from all the festivities. We say, chug those gatorades and rest up, because the biggest party…

CNY Cocktails

Jan 22 2014

With just a week to go to Chinese New Year (aka annual show and tell for adults), we're guessing the frenetic tidying/fuss and muss is already in full swing. For those of you hosting guests, don't bother stocking up on the usual…

Pretty In Pink

Feb 10 2014

While I usually avoid anything pink like the plague, I make an exception when said pink is inside my glass, because when it comes to booze, colour really doesn't matter. Check out our compilation of the prettiest pink drinks in every hue…

10 Fancy Martini Recipes

Mar 10 2014

SourceThe Bikini Martini SourcePineapple Cake MartiniSourceBanana Split MartiniSourceCookies & Cream MartiniSourceBlueberry MartiniSourcePecan Pie MartiniSourceWhite Chocolate Peppermint Bark MartiniSourceBlood Orange MartiniSourceStrawberry Shortcake Martini SourceCoconut Key Lime Pie Martini

10 Boozy Party Favours

Apr 14 2014

Throwing a party? Check out these 10 delicious treats infused with a little something extra that's bound to get the party going- if you know what I mean.  Source Margarita Chex Mix Source Lemon Meringue Jello Shots Source Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Popcorn…

10 Cocktails for Cinco De Mayo

May 5 2014

Happy Cinco De Mayo! While the holiday is hardly ever celebrated in Asia, who actually turns down a chance to drink too much tequila and eat too many tacos- on a Monday? If shots of Petron aren't your thing, check out these…

A Movie’s Guide To Drinks

Sep 1 2014

Films and drinks are two of the best pastimes and are even better in combination. Film history has brought forth plenty of iconic and unforgettable movies, but some of these even had a wider impact on popular culture and brought delicious drinks…