Crazy Coffee Art

Feb 20 2014

Art presents itself through some of the most unconventional mediums, and one of them is the humble cup of coffee. Ever since coffee shops in Seattle started creating unique designs on their drinks to differentiate themselves from their competitors, the rest of…

Top 10 New Spots to Checkout

Feb 22 2016

The Armoury Gastrobar Attention all beer lovers - we may have just found your next favorite hangout! With more than 15 beers on tap, delicious burgers, and a selection of tapas, The Armoury Gastrobar will have you craving for more. Drop by…

What If Politicians Were Beer

Mar 10 2016

As the American presidential race is getting more intense every week, we started viewing politics as if it was a joke – just like Donald Trump does. The result is a not-so-serious beer and politician pairing. via indilens.com Angela Merkel – Dark…

Curious Facts About Your Favourite Drinks

Mar 16 2016

London flooded with beer, killing people? Marilyn Monroe bathing in champagne? Gin as malaria prevention? As our favourite drinks have caused many controversies and questionable moments over the years, it’s time to look at some of them and discover some curious facts.…

5 Easy Tips to Make Your Cocktails Better

Mar 21 2016

As cocktails are getting as popular as ever, the sophistication of drinks is reaching new fascinating limits. I have absolutely nothing to complain about. However, besides drinking in cocktail bars, many passionate spirit lovers (myself included) are trying their mixing luck at…