The 411 on Coffee

Jan 10 2014

Oh we love our coffee. Ask nearly any Singaporean and he'll be able to tell you whether he prefers kopi-c or kopi-o, mocha frappe or macchiato, and the top 5 places he goes to for that caffeine fix. We are turning into…

Crazy Coffee Art

Feb 20 2014

Art presents itself through some of the most unconventional mediums, and one of them is the humble cup of coffee. Ever since coffee shops in Seattle started creating unique designs on their drinks to differentiate themselves from their competitors, the rest of…

5 Best CBD Coffee Places

Jul 18 2014

There’s no better way to start your day than with a good cup of coffee. After surviving the morning peak-hour rush, it’s always comforting to sip on a freshly brewed cuppa. The aroma followed by an adrenaline rush is certainly addictive. To…