20 Gorgeous Cocktails

Feb 24 2014

Beauty is everything in today's world. Check out these 20 incredibly photogenic cocktails that would give your regular gin-and-tonic an inferiority complex. It's like Mean Girls- if you were a glass of booze. #youcantsitwithusSource SourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSource

5 Waterfront Watering Holes

Mar 19 2014

There is nothing more relaxing than unwinding by the shoreline with a glass of wine in hand. Whether you're looking to party it up after hours, or to just relax on weekends with friends, let this list be your waterfront dining cheat…

4 Great New Bars

May 22 2014

The local F&B scene is notorious for its high turnover rate- spend a week away from town and suddenly its like a whole different place. They say change is the only constant and while it might not always be a good thing,…

10 Cocktails For Tequila Day

Jul 23 2014

It's National Tequila Day tomorrow, and we really couldn't have asked for a better reason to party. Get the party started early tonight and give these 10 tequila-based cocktail recipes a go.  Source  Aztec Summer 1 oz tequila of choice  1/3 oz…

Get Your Head In The Cloud(s)

Oct 3 2014

Walk by Pacific Plaza and you’ll notice that something’s a little different. Overlooking Orchard Road the curtains behind the windows that once bore the name “That CD Shop” is now drawn tightly shut, and High Society is now called.. ‘Cloud’?    Enter…

5 Local Bartenders And Their Signature Drinks

Jun 5 2015

The local bar and cocktail scene went through the roof in the last years. Bespoke drinks, speakeasies and our very own cocktail week – the signs are set for an even brighter future. New cocktail bars pop up constantly, as bartender shift…

Feature: Soi60

Jun 5 2015

When the craving for Thai food strikes, we tend to run to Orchard Towers or Shaw Centre for our fix, because like our local cuisine, one need not pay a lot to eat well. Anyone who’s been to Bangkok will probably tell…

5 Easy Tips to Make Your Cocktails Better

Mar 21 2016

As cocktails are getting as popular as ever, the sophistication of drinks is reaching new fascinating limits. I have absolutely nothing to complain about. However, besides drinking in cocktail bars, many passionate spirit lovers (myself included) are trying their mixing luck at…