Date: August 2016

What Your Drink Order Says About You

Aug 30 2016

We all have our favorite drinks, our “go to” drinks when we’re on a date, or maybe a drink for a certain occasion. The following article explains personalities based on drinks ordered in a bar scenario. Which type are you? via Vodka…

The Stories Behind 5 Iconic Liquor Logos

Aug 13 2016

A brand’s personality can often be clearly distinguished by the design of it’s logo. Sometimes it’s part of the reason why consumers by certain brands over its competitors. However, logos are more than just a marketing tool. In this list, we take…

Host Your Very Own Beer Olympics

Aug 12 2016

It’s olympic season this August in Rio de Janeiro! Even though it might not be easy for most of us to give up drinking alcohol for protein shakes, late nights out partying for early morning workouts, and hot hookups for personal trainers…

How to Drink for Free Everyday

Aug 11 2016

CHUG is Singapore’s very own drinking app that promises to give you one free drink everyday! Of course, something that sounds too good to be true usually comes with a catch. In this case, for a monthly subscription of $14.90 per month…

Suicide Squad Inspired Cocktails

Aug 4 2016

The highly anticipated movie ‘Suicide Squad’ has just hit theaters here in Singapore today. If you’re thinking of going with a group of friends to watch the movie, here are some themed pre-game cocktails you can make before the big show! via…

Couples Who Get Drunk Together Stay Together

Aug 3 2016

Opposites attract – right? Well, maybe not as well as we thought. A ten-year research project analyzing more than 2,700 couples found that married couples who have similar drinking habits tend to be happier than couples where only one partner drinks alcohol.…