Date: July 2016

New Wearable Tech Can Help Prevent Hangovers

Jul 28 2016

There is an innovative wearable piece of technology that measures the alcohol level in your blood and warns you when you should probably stop drinking. via BACtrack BACKtrack has invented the world’s first wearable alcohol monitor that has won the National Institute…

Marina Bay Sands: Epicurean Market

Jul 25 2016

As the countdown to this year’s Epicurean Market begins, Marina Bay Sands is serving up a smorgasbord of new offerings to excite food and wine connoisseurs and bring out the foodie in you. From its Sands Signature Series of masterclasses led by the most discerning…

Expensive Wine Isn't Necessarily Better Wine

Jul 23 2016

There are plenty of wines that are made from the same grape, but priced differently. The question is: do wines that cost three times more taste three times better? via vox / We decided to conduct a small research study with…

10 Alcohol Hacks You Should Try

Jul 16 2016

Try out these 10 alcohol life-hacks the next time you are thinking about having a drink! via Going to Festivals The number of art, food and music festivals happening in Singapore has been rising, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing…

The Secret to Chugging a Beer FAST

Jul 7 2016

Most of us have been in a situation where we find ourselves having to face the challenge of chugging a drink (usually a beer) as fast as we can. However, being able to chug a beer in a couple of seconds isn't…

Chivas Regal Launches The Venture

Jul 3 2016

Last week Chivas Regal raised a glass to with the launch of The Venture. It provided local entrepreneurs with a platform that enables them to come together and have an exchange of ideas and potential business opportunities. Sharing the limelight at The Venture…