Date: April 2014

5 Chill Out Hotel Bars

Apr 30 2014

Some days you just want to get away from it all, and there's no where better to do that than at a hotel bar. The transient nature of hotels naturally extend to the establishments within it, making hotel bars the perfect place…

Beat The Asian Flush

Apr 28 2014

Being Asian is great- exotic tropical fruits like pineapples and mangoes are available year-round, we live longer (generally speaking) and come on, ninjas and dragons are part of our culture. There are many things that make me proud of being Asian, but…

5 Bars Of Options

Apr 24 2014

Who doesn't like being spoilt for choice? Sometimes, nothing makes a day better than a long drinks list- imagine all that boozy potential. Check out the 5 bars with solid drinks lists that would please even the pickiest of drinkers.  Source The…

5 Best Bars of 2014 (So Far)

Apr 23 2014

The year is just 1 month shy from hitting the halfway mark, and the number of bars that have opened since we clinked champagne glasses on New Year's is staggering. Not that we're complaining- because if this first half of the year…

Around Ann Siang

Apr 21 2014

The sun sets and suddenly, the sleepy vibe of this heritage preservation area disappears and is almost instantly replaced with the lively buzz of the after-work crowd.  That being said, the Ann Siang/Club Street area can be a little overwhelming for the…

10 Healthier Cocktails

Apr 15 2014

Did you know that four glasses of Vodka Cranberry contains the same amount of calories as a Big Mac? Vodka itself does not contain much calories (52kcal), but the sweetened juices found at most bars do. If you drink frequently, hidden calories…

10 Boozy Party Favours

Apr 14 2014

Throwing a party? Check out these 10 delicious treats infused with a little something extra that's bound to get the party going- if you know what I mean.  Source Margarita Chex Mix Source Lemon Meringue Jello Shots Source Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Popcorn…

5 Bars For Heart-To-Heart Conversations

Apr 10 2014

Some heart-to-heart moments just need to take place in a bar, because alcohol has that conveniently mind-numbing effect and you don't really want to be drinking coffee after work hours anyway. These are our 5 favourite bars for those times- both good…

5 Best Of Both Worlds Bars

Apr 9 2014

Humans are greedy- we love having options and living in a first-class city like Singapore, we are almost always spoilt for choice. Whether you prefer sipping your cocktails indoors or outdoors, here are 5 places that'll make having to pick just one…

10 Creative Cocktails To Try At Home

Apr 7 2014

SourceRock Candy Twizzle Stick ChampagneSourcePink Lemonade & Ginger Ale Fizzles SourceRose PunchSourceStrawberry White Russian Mini Milkshakes SourceToast Marshmallow MartiniSourcePink Pomegranate Daiquiri SourcePeach SangriaSourceRosemary Mandarin SparkleSourceWhite Cosmopolitan SourceFrozen Beergaritas Click on links for recipes! 

5 Pocket Friendly Bars

Apr 4 2014

We all know drinking in Singapore is not cheap. We pay some of the highest alcohol taxes in the world- did you know that a standard drink at a mid-level bar like Harry's here is = drinks at one of the coolest…

5 Never-A-Dull-Moment Bars

Apr 2 2014

You know sometimes you get all psyched to go out with your friends, envisioning a night of nonstop cocktail sampling but waitaminute. Where are all the people? Why does the bartender look like he's taking an unhealthy amount of interest in the…

5 Girls Night Out Bars

Apr 1 2014

We're thinking along the lines of a fabulous view in a cozy, welcoming space. It's the night to spill all your secrets to that special group of girlfriends, and here are the 5 best bars to do it in. Source boCHINcheTucked cozily on the…