Date: February 2016

5 Weird Drinking Habits from Around the World

Feb 24 2016

The world is filled with weird, strange, and often un-understandable customs and traditions – and that’s what makes it so exciting. When travelling to a foreign place, we often come together with new friends over food and drinks. That’s where the vibrant…

Top 10 New Spots to Checkout

Feb 22 2016

The Armoury Gastrobar Attention all beer lovers - we may have just found your next favorite hangout! With more than 15 beers on tap, delicious burgers, and a selection of tapas, The Armoury Gastrobar will have you craving for more. Drop by…

5 Bars For Romantic Valentine’s Day Drinks

Feb 14 2016

You have the same trouble every year again? Don’t know where to take your Valentine’s date? It really isn’t rocket science, so let’s not overcomplicate things. Stay away from fancy presents and take your date to for some cosy drinks, while enjoying…

5 Bars For Singles on Valentine's Day

Feb 12 2016

Do you hate everything about Valentine’s Day but still don’t want to be alone? We can’t blame you! So we thought we’d go ahead and find a few bars that would be perfect for you to meet somebody new this lovely weekend……