Date: February 2014

10 Unique Wine Racks

Feb 27 2014

Get ready to throw your boring old wine chillers away. SourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceContemporary Kitchen by Adelaide General Contractors Watermayne ProjectsSourceSourceSource

5 Hostels With Booze

Feb 26 2014

While we gush about the cocktails at The Cufflink Club and the sexy, Latin vibe of Catalunya (plus that food!), sometimes we just don't feel like jostling with a million people crammed into a tiny space. Living in a city where space…

20 Gorgeous Cocktails

Feb 24 2014

Beauty is everything in today's world. Check out these 20 incredibly photogenic cocktails that would give your regular gin-and-tonic an inferiority complex. It's like Mean Girls- if you were a glass of booze. #youcantsitwithusSource SourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSource

Crazy Coffee Art

Feb 20 2014

Art presents itself through some of the most unconventional mediums, and one of them is the humble cup of coffee. Ever since coffee shops in Seattle started creating unique designs on their drinks to differentiate themselves from their competitors, the rest of…

10 Geekiest Bars

Feb 19 2014

The Hobbit (Southampton, England)  Lord Of The Rings fans rejoice! Based on the Shire, this bar's beer garden is something straight out of Tolkien's novel. Donny Dirk's Zombie Den (Minneapolis, USA) Decorated with a stunning interior straight out of a 1950s Las…

10 Happy Hour Promos: Monday Edition

Feb 17 2014

Mondays officially suck and boy do we all know it. Take the edge off this dreaded day and treat yourself to a drink at any of these 10 places, because they've got just the promos to make Monday slightly better. Go on,…

15 Stunning Beer Bottle Designs

Feb 14 2014

Design is integral. It is the building block for a beautiful society and that naturally, extends to every imaginable consumer product. Liquor bottles have gotten an upgrade from the green and brown glass ones of the good old days . Today, we…

Pretty In Pink

Feb 10 2014

While I usually avoid anything pink like the plague, I make an exception when said pink is inside my glass, because when it comes to booze, colour really doesn't matter. Check out our compilation of the prettiest pink drinks in every hue…

Romantic Bars in Singapore

Feb 7 2014

In spirit of the approaching Valentine's Day, we've compiled a list of the 10 most romantic bars in Singapore you can take your date to next Friday (or use as reference for the other 364 days). Source Catalunya 1. Amazing view of the water 2. Great…

Bucket List: Party Edition

Feb 6 2014

There are parties, and then some. Throw away all notions of what you think is a banging party, because you haven't seen anything yet unless you've been to one of these.  Source  Full Moon Party, Thailand  Practically a Mecca for partygoers around…

Weird American Liquor Laws

Feb 6 2014

Source #1 Kids can drink in Alaska  It seems odd that in a state where its been specifically, officially decreed that getting a moose drunk is a no-no, kids are allowed to drink! While they're not allowed to actually serve kids in…

Liquid Love

Feb 5 2014

Ah Valentine's Day. That special day once a year awash in hearts, overpriced flora and sparkly trinkets. If those don't work, maybe some of these drinks will. Said to act as aphrodisiacs that also power your libido, check out our 5 favorite…

10 Things Drinkers Can Relate To

Feb 3 2014

Particularly on Mondays. #1 What you're probably thinking about everyone today Source#2 Thank god for lunch meetingsSource#4 At meetings and you're all like: Source#5 When that pesky colleague no one likes starts talking about his/her "fun" weekendSource#6 In case anyone asks, thanks. Source#7 When your colleagues…