Date: December 2016

5 3-Ingredient Cocktails to Do at Home

Dec 5 2016

Drinking cocktails is fun – there is no question about that. But why not make your own drinks at home? As bespoke cocktail bars have become very popular and their drinks very sophisticated, many people think it is too much of a…

What is the Michelin Guide for Beer?

Dec 4 2016

Earlier this year, the world’s gourmet eyes had turned to Singapore, as the first Michelin Guide for the little red dot was unveiled. The two hawkers that made it onto the list had briefly made headlines all over the world and have…

A History of Donald Trump and Alcohol

Dec 3 2016

No matter where you are living (or hiding), by now, you must have heard the news about Donald Trump becoming the next president of the United States. No matter whether you are in favour of this decision or not, Mr. Trump has…