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Save Money With Barsociety

The Barsociety Mobile Application Enhances Inventory Management for Bars and Restaurants

Launched in July 2016, the Barsociety mobile application was created by the lead developers behind HungryGoWhere's reservation platform, to help restaurateurs and bar owners manage their inventory while simultaneously retaining their customers.

The idea struck when after a night out with friends, they realised they didn't remember how much they consumed and the balance. Wouldn’t it be great if the bar could contact their customers and remind them of their balance bottle? With that, Barsociety was born.

The Problem

Barsociety uses a proprietaryBarOS platform that will help bar managers perform inventory checks in just 10-30 minutes, a sharp decrease from the usual one to five hours. The traditional inventory check was so time-consuming that it will only take place once a month, unearthing discrepancies between actual and reported sales that cost a bar a few thousand dollars every month.


With the BarOS platform, the staff member just needs to update the inventory via smart phone or tablet at the end of the shift. The data is then instantaneously sent to Barsociety’s cloud database and a full inventory report will be sent to the manager’s inbox in five minutes. This increased efficiency means that staff can clock out earlier and the bar can conduct inventory checks more frequently.

Furthermore, the BarOS customer function can send automated text messages to customers
reminding them of their bottles behind the bar, improving customer retention, and building a strong database of loyal customers.

So far, the results have spoken for themselves. Participating bars across Singapore and Kuala Lumpur have reported savings of thousands of dollars a month and a customer base that regularly returns. Kuo Wee adds, “Response from the last few months have been really encouraging. The number of participating bars have been growing consistently and feedback from the bar managers have been consistently good. Currently, we’re looking to grow our partner base and in time to come, may look at launching a consumer version of Barsociety.”