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Where in the World is Beer the Cheapest and Most Expensive – and Why?

The holy water is loved around the world, but in some places our love is more expensive than in others. Is it fair? Of course not! But we will explain why beer is cheaper in some and more expensive in other locations around the world. There are many different statistics, as some countries might seem more expensive to visitors. However, the high prices there can be normal for locals, as they earn more. Here is an approximation of these statistics.
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Greenland – Most Expensive

Although Singapore isn’t too far from the top of the list, Greenland is the most expensive country to drink beer in (excluding those countries where it is prohibited to drink). If you take a look at the map and look for the town of Ilulissat, you will quickly understand why beer costs on average over SGD15. As there isn’t much brewing going in Greenland, everything has to be imported – and that costs.


Vietnam – Cheapest

Both Vietnam and Ukraine used to be the cheapest places to drink beer. However, the unstable political situation in the latter has driven prices up, making Vietnam the supreme leader for beer lovers. Why is it cheap? Because of Bia Hoi! This locally brewed light beer has no preservatives and is a good beer in its purest form. Don’t expect too much flavour though.


Saudi Arabia – Most Dangerous

Alcohol is officially prohibited in Saudi Arabia. The country in general is very much blocked off for foreigners. As the religious police is very strict, you don’t want to risk being found with a beer. A friend of mine used to live there for a few years and according to him the only way to get your hands on booze is via good contacts in one of the embassies. However, we don’t recommend trying it.


Czech Republic – Cheap & Variety

Unlike Vietnam, in the Czech Republic you will get some of the best beers in the world at a very low cost. Pretty much everyone drinks – a lot of it too. The country has with over 400 bottles per person the highest annual average consumption of beer in the world. Czech Republic has historically a very rich brewing tradition, giving its people plenty of variety at a good price.


Scandinavia – Worst for tourists

All throughout Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway you will find very high beer prices. However, the beer isn’t as expensive as it may seem to us when visiting. As their salaries are higher on average, it just is more expensive for us to get drunk.