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Coffee vs. Beer – What Happens to our Brain?

Coffee and Beer - what we long for early in the morning and after a long day at work. Everything in between is just a big blur. But what actually happens to our brains and why do they make us feel creative and energised? Here are some answers and a guideline to execute your ideas.



Do you sometimes get the feeling that you have the best ideas when you are having a beer? Well, there is a reason why this happens, as the alcohol triggers something in our brains.


The cerebral cortex in our brains is responsible for our conscious thought, interaction, and our language. When alcohol reaches this area in our brain, we often feel slightly less focused as a result. However, it also pushes our worries and usual distractions into the background. That is also the reason why we drink to forget. Once the alcohol reaches our blood, we feel even less restricted and start to loosen up. After about two beers you will start to feel more creative and might want to change the world. The only problem is that you will have more beers and unfortunately forget your idea again.



In case you didn’t drink too much the night before and remember your ‘beer’ ideas, then you should start making some coffee. When the caffeine reaches the receptors in our brains we will leave the drowsy morning feeling behind us. The effect of caffeine is more or less instant, making us feel more energetic within less than 5 minutes.

It is no secret that coffee makes us more energetic and a few drinks make us feel loose. But we often don’t control the effects properly – meaning we don’t take advantage of them. Both coffee and beer can be best friends when it comes to creativity and execution.


Needing to be creative or wanting an idea for something, we simply need a little push in the right direction. A beer or two can do that for us. However, we tend to drink too much, which results surpassing the creative stage. Once we have the idea though, we should hang on to it – perhaps writing it down will help. As the alcohol makes us less inclined to actually execute this idea, we should wait until the next morning. Coffee helps us to focus and put the idea from last night into action. If you already have an idea but only need to motivation to get going, then start making the coffee.