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What If Politicians Were Beer

As the American presidential race is getting more intense every week, we started viewing politics as if it was a joke – just like Donald Trump does. The result is a not-so-serious beer and politician pairing.


Angela Merkel – Dark Lager

Rich in taste and character, the dark lager is a true classic. But it is perhaps not everybody’s first choice. If there is no other beer available, then this one will do the job perfectly. Not everybody likes Angela Merkel, but there is no one who could do it better. Before not drinking at all, you too will happily drink a dark lager. It also pairs with sausages and hearty meats.


Donald Trump – Raspberry-flavoured Strong Ale

They are intense and all over the place. Both the beer and Donald Trump appear to have a very strong and intense taste, but no one can actually enjoy them. Flavours and taste buds are bouncing back and forth without making actual sense. If you care for beer and/or politics, you should definitely choose something else.


David Cameron – British-style bitter

This beer isn’t a mass favourite, but loved by a specific and perhaps more conservative crowd. David Cameron usually takes pride in the things he says and appears to actually believe them – unlike many other politicians. Occasionally he can get a little bitter, but so does this particular style of beer too.


Barack Obama – Classic Lager

Loved by most people, both Obama and the classic lager are just great. Even if you don’t like beer or politicians, you won’t go wrong with these two. No matter what your gender, ethnicity, religion or social background is – you will agree to have a lager. Obama and the lager are just good for everyone.


Kim Jong-un – Guinness

Firstly, let me apologise for calling him a politician – he really isn’t. Living in a secluded world, Kim Jong-un is surrounded by mystery and controversies. His people apparently love him above all. This admiration could easily be compared to the Irish’s love for Guinness. Both are also heavy and have a rich character. The colour of a Guinness also reflects what the world would look like if he were ruling it.


Vladimir Putin – Belgium Tripel

If you ever had a Belgium Tripel, you know that it is very complex and rich in flavours. Even experienced beer lovers can’t drink many of those, just like politicians wouldn’t want to have another Putin. The Russian president is just as complex as the Tripel, but we definitely know that there is always more going on behind the scenes (no matter if in taste or in the Kremlin).