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5 Unbelievable Drinks from 5 Continents You Must Try

There is no question that we live in a beautifully weird world, exploring forgotten traditions and rare customs. But occasionally our limits are tested with very questionable methods and products. When it comes to drinks there is no exception of that. We travelled a little and put together 5 unbelievable drinks from 5 continents you must try.

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China – Maotai

Although it’s bottled the same way as lighter fluid, Maotai is actually drinkable. Made from fermented sorghum and wheat, it has become an immensely sought after drink in the Qing Dynasty, remaining popular until today. It is dubbed ‘white lightening’ due to its high ABV, which is around 50%. Although is smells like toxic soya sauce, the taste can vary between ‘acceptable’ and ‘disgusting’.


Canada – Caesar Cocktail

How do you like Worcestershire sauce in your drink? Not very much? Well, Canadians apparently do. Besides vodka and that spicy sauce, the Caesar cocktail contains also a mix of tomato juice and clam broth, being garnished with a huge celery stick. While you might expect bitters and liquors in your cocktails, the Caesar has gone a different road and became a hit in the early 1970s. Although you might expect its popularity to have faded by now, the drink is still widely loved.


Russia – Scorpion Vodka

Where else, if not Russia, should this be coming from? Confirming the vodka stereotypes once more, this vodka has actually an edible scorpion inside the bottle. Being infused in the vodka for over three months, the detoxification process has neutralised the scorpion’s venom, making it safe to eat from head to tail. The vodka also gets a sharper and wooden taste from its inhabitant.


South America – Chicha

Commonly produced in several Central and South American countries, Chicha looks actually like apple juice. The drink is fermented from maize and includes corn beer as well as other non-alcoholic ingredients, especially different kinds of fruits for its flavouring. The taste is rather mild and definitely an easier option when comparing it to the rest of the list.


Arctic Circle – Seagull wine

If you don’t have much choice, you simply use what you have – like a seagull. What seems strange to us might have been an obvious choice for the Eskimos. All it takes to prepare is a dead seagull inside a bottle of water, which together is kept in the sun for fermentation. Although I am not sure about the hygienic procedure, drinking around the Arctic Circle is definitely not about being fussy.