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5 Bars To Get Hammered At

Sipping on an exquisite red wine or a vintage single malt all evening and examining its refined qualities doesn’t do it for us every time we go out. There are those nights you just want to get down to business – right down to getting hammered. For those nights especially, we bring you a list of bars that allow you to do so without being broke the next day.

KPO Café

Our favourite post office bar gets you started early on a daily basis, as Happy Hour starts already at midday and lasts until 8pm. Tequila, rum and vodka drinks all go over the counter for mere 9 dollar. Those are perfect to give your evening a head start. If already a few glasses will get you going, then you can also opt for wines and beers that equally go for $9 or $8. Live music and snacks will do the rest to get you in the mood.

The Exchange

If you are working in the CBD then you know already what’s up. Girls will have a little advantage though (unless you put a wig on). Head over to the Exchange straight after work on a Wednesday and get your free fruity cocktails. There is no catch – if you pass as a lady, then those drinks are on the house. Don’t despair boys, there is also a comforting happy hour that lasts until 8pm and brings Margaritas, amongst other drinks, for $5.

Bumbo Rum Club

The Caribbean feel invites you to join some heavy drinking. Club Street’s rum destination offers a happy hour from 5pm all the way until 9pm. This should get you going, especially with beers $9 and spirits for only 5 bucks. There is also another special treat for ladies – Wednesdays bring an unbeatable all you can drink mojito offer.

Stickies Bar 

Located on the Riverside Piazza, Stickies is the perfect place for free flows. If you are into beers you should pass by on Mondays, as there is a free flow of draught beers between 8pm and 11pm for only $35. Same time, same place, but the following day brings a 1 for 1 offer for just anything. Wednesday is the obligatory ladies night with flowing house pours for $25. The same offer continues for everyone on Friday for $35. This place is definitely ready for hammer time.

The Chupitos Bar

This Clarke Quay outpost brings selected shots, bottled beers and a few spirits at an unbelievable 6 bucks. All of this is happening between 6.30 and 9.30 in the evening – every evening.