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5 Smoker-Friendly Party Spots

Just imagine the luxury of being able to enjoy a cigarette with a drink, without being bothered or bothering anyone else. Smoking restrictions have made it increasingly difficult for the smokers of this country, but fret not, for there is help. Check out our roundup of our favourite 5 smoker-friendly party spots.


The stylish party powerhouse in the CBD is already well known for its extravagant events and the good music. However, not many know that one can enjoy quiet(er) moments, while relaxing with a cigarette. Located on the 45th floor, the bar/lounge offers a smoker-friendly environment without harming anyone, due to its wraparound outdoor space.

Martini Bar

Filled with stylish and classic interior, the Martini Bar is perhaps one of the most elegant venues to enjoy a cigarette with a martini in hand. The entrance of the bar offers a separate smoking room, in which cigarettes as well as cigars can be appreciated to their full extent. Stop by the Grand Hyatt Hotel for their happy hour between 6pm and 9pm and get in on some of their tasty martinis.

Quaich Bar

Being one of the most prestigious whisky bars in Singapore opens up some totally new perspectives on how to enjoy a drink. Sitting down on the comfy leather interior, one is spoiled for choice, as there are over 300 different whiskies available. The Quaich Bar isn’t just a smoker friendly venue, but rather, an exclusive cigar bar. No matter whether cigar or whisky – one will professionally be advised on taste, flavour and background of the distinguished product.

KPO Café Bar

The Kiliney Post Office might be small, but plays hosts to all sorts of crowds. KPO is ideal for the party crowd, businessmen out to close deals and even dinner dates. The after-work and chill-out atmosphere invites you to try some of the signature cocktails, such as the Snow White, and they continuously feature different drink promotions and changing specials on the menu. Have your cigarette downstairs or on the second floor, you’re sure to run into someone you can strike a conversation with!


When going for a delicious meal with a view, Level33 comes immediately to mind. Surely their craft beers are the major attractions, but the outside terrace does not fail to impress – especially when you can enjoy your smokes, while letting your eyes wander over the Marina Bay skyline. Reserve a table on the terrace and treat yourself to some of the richest craft flavours in town.