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Lose Weight With Tequila

Tequila is supposed to do many things to you – many of which you don’t even remember the next day. The good thing is that it might all be worth it, as it has recently been proven (according to the Forbes Magazine) that tequila helps you to lose weight. Tequila is actually surprisingly very healthy, as it helps reduce your weight and lowers your blood sugar. One might rightly ask if this really works or it is just another internet rumour. Here is the explanation. 

Tequila is made from the agave plant and that contains agavina. This is a kind of sweetener produced by the plant itself and is by default part of our wonderful drink and triggers our body to produce insulin. When consumed in right amounts, insulin helps to regulate blood sugar levels and the way the body stores fat.

The sweetener in tequila, agavina, is also a kind a fibre that generates a feeling of being full, hence, kills our appetite. However, this doesn’t mean do a couple of tequila shots before every meal, as the body doesn’t react that fast. The lesson to be learned it the following – don’t feel bad when you had a few tequilas. After all, the world of tequila is not limited to exclusively shots. There is plenty more to be enjoyed – such as the following.


Hombre Cantina

This Mexican venue on Boat Quay offers quite a selection of Mexican beers and tequila cocktails. The real highlight is their tequila selection. On the shelf are more than 60 different labels from all over Mexico, with some of the more distinguished glasses going up to S$55. If the choice is too overwhelming, the staff are happy to recommend. You might also want to try their delicious mezcals.

Café Iguana 

Further up the river is the ever popular tequila watering hole. The Mexican-inspired Café Iguana is all about beautiful drinks and delicious food. One can get awesome Chimichangas, which are deep fried tortillas, as well as plenty of snacks and appetisers that go wonderfully with tequila. The tequila selection is divided in four different types – blanco, reposado, añejo and extra añejo. There are also varying monthly offers for you to indulge in. 


Lucha Loco

This Duxton Hill establishment is named after a Mexican wrestler and hence has drinks for the big guys – and everybody else too actually. A favourite on the counter is the signature Frozen Lucha Margarita with organic agave and Don Julio Respsado tequila. For tequila beginners, fret not as there are helpful flavour descriptions for each different label on that long list.

Jekyll & Hyde

As mentioned earlier – tequila isn’t limited to shots. Jekyll & Hyde on Tras Street and mixology head Jeff Ho have done some amazing things with tequila that don’t involve a lemon wedge and salt rim. Choose your flavour and be prepared to be surprised. You might want to try a tequila twist on a classic cocktail- like a Tequila Old Fashioned perhaps? 


Piedra Negra 

If you have ever been to Arab Street, then you where this place is. Look out for the colourful graffiti and you will find your tequila joint for the night. No matter whether margaritas, sangrias or tequila shots – there are various variations of each. Sit back with the tequila drink of your choice and enjoy the smooth live music (and the guacamole).