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5 Bars With Soul

Singapore might be lacking in many things, but one thing she surely doesn't is the number of bars and clubs. From themed to impossibly hard to find, we have them all. While we love the glitz of Ku De Ta and the luxe that is the Manhattan Bar, sometimes we just want to have a drink- and feel as though we never left home. You know, those spaces that transport you into another world as soon as you step through the door, the cares of the bustling city left behind. Check out our top 5 picks of bars with soul and character that run so deep, one cannot help but feel at home.

Blue Bali
Escape the busy city and its air-conditioned mega malls and head out to the Blue Bali on Cluny. Besides serving delicious food and fine wines, one also discovers that this is Singapore’s first nano-brewery. Here, you'll be pleased to find a different brew on tap every week, with a minimum of 50 different beers brewed annually. Filled with Asian art and beautiful décor, the atmosphere makes from a wonderful reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Secret Mermaid
It is no longer a secret, but the effect wears on. The bar subtly hides behind a huge door in the basement of the Ocean Financial Centre, so a little seeking is in order. Seeing yourself in the mirrored wall, one enters an ambience that lets you forget about the CBD forever. Leave your classy cocktail behind – the Secret Mermaid offers an entire wall of spirits that you probably have never heard of before. That, and the warm and friendly atmosphere of the bar will make you never want to leave. 

Life is Beautiful
It is all about ‘joie de vivre’ down at Duxton Road 99. Be it fine dining in a casual style or a fun boozy evening with friends – no matter what you are looking for, the character and feel of this bar will serve you just fine. Their lay of the land also has the added bonus of letting you chill, party and mingle with the crowd all at the same time.

Bar Stories
Famous for its menu that doesn’t exist, one hears plenty of stories about this bar. The bartenders will create your personalised bespoke cocktails and if don’t know what you like, don't' worry- they'll guide you. Tucked above Haji Lane, sip your perfectly concoted cocktail above the liveliness of the famous street. The atmosphere of the space is is casual but still somewhat refined – a perfect balance for a cocktail bar if you ask us. 

Alley Bar
Have you had enough of shopping on Orchard Road? Then sneak around the corner into the Alley Bar. Just off Singapore’s busiest street is a charming little escape with signature cocktails and an extra long terrazzo bar in the alley (naturally). The relaxing and soothing nature of the bar is just right – no matter whether you are looking for a quiet evening or a little fiesta.