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3 Bars To Be At Tonight

The weekend is finally here (yes, we say that a lot) and we are ready to head out tonight to play. We know Friday mornings/afternoons usually depict the same scenes- frenzied Whatsapps deciding where to go flying back and forth for hours.. before you eventually decide on going back to the same bar you always go every week. Step out of that comfort zone and check out these 3 bars you should definitely be at tonight (well not all the same time, obviously). 



Life is Beautiful 

Who isn't at Life is Beautiful these days? What's more, they've kicked off a very welcome addition to the scene with their new Friday night parties as of last week and tonight's is expected to be twice as insane. Featuring the one and only Koflow on the decks for tonight's Dancehall edition, we'd really recommend going slightly earlier if you're hoping to grab some bar space. 



Potato Head Folk

There are excellent burgers downstairs and even better cocktails upstairs, just the kind of 2-in-1 we love at Drinksomewhere. The newly opened Potato Head has been seeing lines (rather, a really long reservation/waiting list) since the first night it opened its doors, but the hype isn't just because they're the new kids on the block. Cocktails are well crafted and the burgers of course, delicious. We expected nothing less and they delivered spot on. Again, do call ahead to make reservations or prepared to be disappointed.   



House of Dandy 

Tonight, the high-end cocktail lounge will host Dre of Mattblacc for your aural pleasure, one of the very best names in RnB/Hip Hop/Soul in town. If that's not enough reason to go down, there's always those fabulous cocktails the House of Dandy bartenders churn out!