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Beat The Asian Flush

Being Asian is great- exotic tropical fruits like pineapples and mangoes are available year-round, we live longer (generally speaking) and come on, ninjas and dragons are part of our culture. There are many things that make me proud of being Asian, but if there was one thing that would definitely not make that list, it would have to be 'turning as red as a baboon's arse after a couple of drinks'. There's nothing wrong with it, but at certain social functions, let's just say there is only so much green-hued primer one can apply. Check out our tips on beating the Asian flush- you're welcome.



#1 Eat a balanced diet

You probably didn't expect to see this on our website at all but studies have shown that diets supplemented with fructose and glucose reduce redness. Skip the oily fast food dinner if you're heading out to drink and have one with plenty of starch, high sugar fruits and vegetables instead. 



# Fake it till you make it 

As mentioned earlier, you can pick up some green-based makeup primer to offset the redness. For the eyes, there are eye drops available that instantly banish the bloodshot look.  



#3 Avoid mixing drinks

With the added bonus of not getting completely sh*tfaced, mixing alcohols make it harder for the enzymes in the body to break down the booze, causing you to flush longer and harder. Stick to tried-and-tested drinks that you know won't cause such a huge reaction in your body upon consumption. 



#4 Eat while drinking

Foods high in carbohydrates and healthy fats like nuts, bread, cheese and seed will help to protect the stomach lining from excessive irritation due to alcohol. Snacking while drinking also helps to prevent the alcohol from entering the small intestines too quickly (isn't this the best reason to hit up more tapas bars?) 



# Eat foods high in natural antihistamines 

We flush due to allergies, the symptoms of which can be reduced by taking antihistamines. Instead of mixing medications like Zantac as other websites suggest, going natural is your best bet because there are no studies that show what happen in the long run. Think foods high in vitamin C (citrus fruits), flavonoids (citrus fruits, garlic, broccoli) and Omega-3 (salmon).