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5 Never-A-Dull-Moment Bars

You know sometimes you get all psyched to go out with your friends, envisioning a night of nonstop cocktail sampling but waitaminute. Where are all the people? Why does the bartender look like he's taking an unhealthy amount of interest in the garnish? This is what I came out for? 

We hate it when it happens- when a place isn't as lively as you hoped. Here are 5 bars where that will definitely not be a problem. 


Tanjong Beach Club 

I don't know about you, but unless its a festival, I like my beach bars to be all about the daybeds and mindless Instagram surfing. No fist-pumping or excessive champagne, thank you very much. Tanjong Beach Club (when it's not a major party like Full Steam Ahead) checks every box on the perfect beach bar criteria list. Their signature cocktails are refreshing, the food is tasty and the beach beds? There's really no where else you should be on a Sunday. 


Library Bar

Or maybe what really gets you going is an outing shrouded in mystery, adventure just hovering on the horizon. Its no James Bond movie, but we think it is the kind of bar where things are just waiting to happen. First there's the excitement of furtively giving the password to the unassuming door guy, then there's the fact Library Bar is really, really small. Which makes it all the more exclusive really, so no complaints here. You'll be rubbing shoulders (literally) when it gets packed out, so who knows what secrets you'll hear? 



Skydiving, hot air ballooning, parasailing- humans have always longed to soar, and there's no place better than to feel on top of the world than 1-Altitude. Perched on the 63rd floor of One Raffles Place, the view is nothing short of spectacular, whether you're there in time for the sunset or when the lights of the Central Business District set the skyline alight. You get a good mix of tourists and locals, so the strong drinks and music are sure to set the mood for some interesting conversation. 



Who hasn't heard of Bar22 these days (just look at our calendar)? The super cool bar quietly opened its doors in October of last year, and is fast becoming known for hosting some dope nights of late! Did we mention its underground, lending yet more coolness to its already chic, minimal aesthetic. We love how despite its potential to be one of those annoying faux-hipster joints, it doesn't and is one of the most unpretentious bars in town. Grab some Thai grub during daylight hours, and tasty cocktails by night to chill-out lounge sounds.


The Beast

If the live band doesn't get you in a good mood, maybe the extensive range of bourbon will. Singapore's only bourbon bar has been grabbing headlines for its generous selection of booze, oversized burgers that would make pro eaters hesitate and its location? We love how its in the Arab Street/Haji Lane area- all that glass and concrete gets a little old.