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Uniquely Singapore: The Nightlife Edition

When you think ‘Singapore’, you think chili crab, chicken rice, a million ways to get fined and the cleanest concrete jungle in existence. There are many things that justify our tagline, ‘Uniquely Singapore’, and that too, holds true when the sun goes down. Check out our list of 10 things that you can only experience right here on our tiny island.

#1. The ‘Bottoms Up!’ clink

If you’re visiting and out partying one night, you should look out for this! Clinking the base of your glass against the rim of someone else’s is a local gesture meaning “bottoms up!”

#2. “Bo tah bo lam pa”

A local slang that roughly translate to “if you don’t drink up, you don’t have a wiener”. Classy. 


#3. Pre Drinking Parties

Almost as happening as the actual parties themselves. In order to save money (our taxes are ridiculous), local youths take to buying cheaper booze from convenience stores or bringing bottles from home and drinking them before heading into the clubs. You can find them mostly at:

1. Bridge behind Zouk

2. Bridge in Clarke Quay

3. Bridge next to Liang Court

#4. “Eh wah eh wah eh wah”

An annoying chant that no one has any clue as to what it means. Often heard in clubs when the beat drops, particularly to David Guetta’s ‘Titanium’. Some DJs have been known to turn off the music when they hear it.

#5. 5-10

Also seen in other Southeast Asian countries, 5-10 is a drinking game that gets increasingly tougher the more inebriated you get- a true test of wits and hand eye coordination.

#6. Sleeping anywhere and everywhere

Living in a country with one of the lowest crime rates in the world does make us a little complacent. While sleeping passing out in public after a long night of partying may not be uniquely Singaporean, it happens here a lot. Common places include: void decks, park benches, outside the front door (keys? That ain’t happening now), lift lobbies, outside the club, by the roadside etc.

 #7 The Bacardi Breezer

Ask anyone what their first drink was, and 8 out 10 will tell you they first cut their teeth on the trio of orange, lime and peach alcopop wine coolers. A gateway drink to the stronger stuff, if you will.

#8 Zouk’s now-defunct Mambo Night

A rite of passage for those turning 18 (the legal age for drinking and entering some clubs) was attendance at Zouk’s Mambo night. Think choreographed dancing and hand gestures to Bananarama and Rick Astley, also one of the rare times you’d find the podiums mostly filled with boys. Previously held every Wednesday, the night even had its very own ‘Mambo King’, a middle aged local man who would be spotted week after week without fail, never missing a step too, if I might add.

#9 The last supper

Well, we are known for our food! Instead of going home and passing out like normal human beings, pigging out after partying has almost become a staple on a night’s out itinerary. The three most common places that clubbers flock to are: Spize (greasy, delicious Indian/Malay food), Swee Choon and 126 (dim sum).

#10 The Circle  

We’re up all night to get lucky, I guess. Some guys seem to have a habit of forming circles around small groups of girls on the dance floor. While admittedly, in a club setting, its hard to get someone’s attention over the loud music and flashing lights, maybe a regular “would you like a drink?” would work better.