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Full Moon and Winter Equinox Meditation for Transformation and E

Venue : Golden Age Alchemy
Date : 2019-06-17
Time : 1900 to 1900

We're so excited for this powerful meditation! It's especially powerful because it is FULL MOON + EQUINOX.

Full Moon hands us it's powerful energies of cleansing and releasing all that no longer serves us. This potent Full Moon energy is combined with the Equinox (the change from Fall to Winter) which will happen in the same week!

Before each solstice, the energy lines of the earth come into harmony they synchronize - giving us powerful energies to work with.

The Full Moon falls in Sagittarius, which focuses truth and expansion. In order to receive more abundance, we must expand!

Our meditation will focus on releasing what no longer serves us in our careers, relationships, finances, emotions, physical body, mental state, and spiritual state. We need to get rid of the old to make space for the new. We will transform all areas of our lives! The theme for the meditation is transformation and expansion.
I will also be sharing downloads and a special ritual I received from the Temple of Moon, which is located in Lake Titicaca (the Sacral Chakra of Mother Earth)

We will be using crystals during the meditation to give us a deeper experience. You can bring your own or we will lend you one.

The reason why I host group meditations is because the energy is stronger (more people = more energy). Beginner and experienced meditators welcomed!

Don't forget to round up your friends, auntie, neighbours, buds (more people = more energy)

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The meditation will begin at 7:30pm, we will do a Satsang (Q&A about any spiritual or personal questions you may have about your journey or the shift in consciousness)

So excited to transform together!