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Kilo Lounge presents David Gtronic & Carlo Davids

Venue : Kilo Lounge 21 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088444
Date : 2019-04-20
Time : 2200 to 2200

David Gtronic & Carlo Davids
COVER | free before midnight, $20 after midnight

David relishes the challenge of crafting Techno that reveals itself gradually to the careful listener, emotions embossed into his pounding rhythms by way of subtle textures and melodies that lay deep beneath the surface.

There are many Techno producers whose works are devoid of the subtleties that would suggest a wider musical competency and understanding. Then there are those whose grooves are infused with painstakingly produced detail and a sense of wonderment that reaches beyond mere dance floor functionality. Whether he’s producing thumping or downtempo Techno, David Gtronic’s sense of musicality always shines through.

His podcast series “The Terrace” has grown since launching in August 2008 to reach almost 2,000,000 downloads in total, showcasing his eclectic and carefully crafted DJ sets to listeners across the world. The series has become a musical diary for David, not only expressing himself musically but through the artworks he creates for each episode. Whatever he puts his hands to, it’s always imbued with the sense of musical mysticism and contrast between the natural and the artificial that he strives to bring to life.

David relishes the challenge of crafting music that reveals itself gradually to the listener, emotions embossed into his pounding rhythms by way of subtle textures and melodies that lay deep beneath the surface. Constantly evolving, he's developed a deeper, more sophisticated sound which is obvious from his recent productions. David’s stock has risen further still, with each release continuing to cement his reputation as one of Techno’s more adventurous and musically-minded producers.

Raised in an eclectic town in South Africa, Carlo Davids grew up listening to traditional African Kwaito music and it wasn't long after relocating to Sydney in his mid-teens that he established his own sound. A style of House music with fat bass lines and tribal sounds positioned him uniquely as he entered into the music industry. Learning to mix on his friends Technics 1210’s back in 2007 was just the beginning, and ever since Carlo has developed his own way of DJ-ing that spans from Deep Minimal House through to Detroit Techno.

It was in 2016 after almost 10 years in Australia that Carlo departed to Indonesia's most iconic island, Bali and found himself a residency at the infamous 528hz Sunday party. During his time in Bali, Carlo supported some of the worlds biggest DJs such as Bas Ibellini, Art Department, Guy Gerber with the list set to grow as the island attracts influence from Ibiza, Mykonos, UK and US music events and festivals.

Having played in clubs and holding residencies at the island's well-reputed Jenja nightclub for Escape, he continues playing guest slots across South East Asia in Singapore, Hong Kong and Cambodia. With Carlo now deep in the studio and ready to release his first EP on his own label (and also tour Europe in December), he anticipates it will be a big year that he looks forward to.

“The highlight of my career so far was running and playing at moonlight festival in 2017 in Bali. Showcasing some of Romania's biggest names such as Barac, Petre Inspirescu, Gescu, Demos and also international David Gtronic,” Carlo says.

TIME | 10PM till late
LOCATION | 21 Tanjong Pagar Road #01-02/04 S(088444)
TABLE BOOKINGS | call or whatsapp 9824 9747 / lounge@kilokitchen.com