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SINK the PINK - Live In Singapore

Date : 2019-03-16
Time : 2230 to 2230

RIOT! And MISMATCH present with PRIDE
Their biggest collaboration yet

For one night only, from London to Singapore


Everyone is welcome and every body is celebrated at a night of the trashiest, clashiest, most spectacular stars, and then, there’s still the drag royalty on stage all night!

Surer than Brexit, this is gonna be the most inclusive, most spectacular, most ridiculous party EVER.

Where my Sinkies at? Where my Pinkies at?

Bearded Queens, Club Kids, Andros, Pansexuals , Bio Queens, Bisexuals, Drag Kings, Femmes, GenderF@(< Drag Royalty, Butches, Gender Queers, Gays, Fishy Queens, Lesbians, , Queers, Transies, Tomboys, even Straight People, YOU ARE ALL WELCOME!

This is bigger than a TV show, it’s a revolution. And you’re invited.

Jonbenet Blonde (Sink the Pink)
Grace Shush (Sink the Pink)
Gay Chav DJ (Mismatch)

Hosted by Grace Shush

Performances by
From Sink the Pink
Asttina Mandella
Grace Shush
Joan Oh

And regulars from RIOT!

Cocktail Tables: Admit 4, centre of the action, standing tables. $160 ‍