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Appulse - Experimental Art & Music Show

Venue : kult Block C2-5, Emily Hill 11 Upper Wilkie Road, Singapore 228120
Date : 2019-02-15
Time : 2000 to 2000

Appulse 15022019

Conjunction of Mars and Uranus - Mars and Uranus will share the same right ascension, with Mars passing 1°03' to the north of Uranus. At around the same time, the two objects will also make a close approach, technically called an appulse.

An experimental art and music show by Interstellar featuring
Analog Primitive fashion artwork & unique live painting for clothes customization by Ican Harem and music performances by Russian artist OBGON & Interstellar's resident Atika Altar

Creative cataclysm as Sumatran post-punk tribalism, Soviet dance music futurism & Singaporean electronic psychedelia all come together at the artspace on Emily Hill.

Ican Harem - HAREM ICAN - ID
Ican Harem is one of Asia's most exciting multidisciplinary artist. Based in Bali and with a focus on subculture phenomenons, Ican limitless artistic works are present in many forms and mediums within street art, skate culture, fashion and experimental performances.
His past collaborations includes Vans, Michiko London and with his strong music influence, has created artwork for bands like King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard & Pond.
He has exhibited within the Asia Pacific region and will be performing at CTM Festival 2019 in Berlin.

OBGON aka Andrew Lee [Incompetence/ PG TUNE - RU]
OBGON (Russian translation ‘overtake’) is a project by Andrew Lee, co-founder of Moscow based label 'Incompetence Records' and member of INTERCHAIN duo with Philipp Gorbachev.
He has played his high octane techno in renowned venues like CXEMA Kiev, Rawgress Moscow, Mosaique St. Petersburg and Russia's Present Perfect Festival.
Razor sharp techno from Moscow, embracing the new spirit and vibe of the post internet Russian dance music scene.

Atika Altar [Interstellar]

Artwork sale starts from $100 onwards.

Sign up via http://eepurl.com/gea8_r for guestlist.

There will only be 4 clothes customization painting slots by Ican, rates start from $300 onwards.
Kindly pre-book via the guestlist registration form or email info@interstellarweb.com and our team will be in touch to confirm your slot.

About Interstellar
Interstellar is an electronic music performance platform, embodied through dance parties, outdoor gatherings & happenings with an artist booking & touring network within the Asia Pacific region.
Connecting cutting edge music & otherworldly concepts, the team has showcased artists like Robert Leiner, µ-Ziq, Neel, Patrik Skoog, Marco Shuttle, Acronym, Sunil Sharpe, Ulf Eriksson & more.

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