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6 brands 9 kinds sake tasting set & Japanese food $120

Venue : Izakaya Shindo Singapore 049850
Date : 2019-01-19
Time : 1800 to 1800

Directly imported popular sakes presented to you by our Director !
Get to know about the History of Sake Breweries in Japan and Current Trends in the Sake Industry!
Our showcase features:-
- Sweet and Umami-rich Sakes
- Strictly Traditionally Brewed Sake with a long history much like French wine
- All-Natural Sakes
- Kimoto Sakes (sakes brewed without added lactic acid, but with live bacterial and
yeast cultures that produce lactic acid naturally)
- Sakes brewed with specific yeast cultures
- Sakes brewed with many various strains of Sake rice
- Currently Booming Sakes in the Market
There’s practically a full course of sake here!
Sparkling Sakes, Sakes served Cold, Sakes served Hot, Dessert Sakes –
enjoy the many distinctions between the many kinds of sakes we have to offer!
Experience sakes beyond the typical ‘sake served cold’ – sparkling sakes, dessert sakes –
here’s a rare opportunity indeed!
Do take this chance to learn more about the many kinds of Japanese sake!