Event Calendar

Killer Pool Competition

Date : 2018-10-16
Time : 1930 to 1930

Who doesn't like to have some fun with friends on a Tuesday night after work? Well, we've got something NEW for you at Bull & Bear that you're gonna love!

Every Tuesday from 7:30pm join us for our Killer Pool Competition. It's free to enter and rules are VERY simple...
-Take turns, one shot at a time.
-Pot ANY ball on the table (not the white).
-Miss or foul means you lose a life.
-Lose 3 lives and you're out!
-Last one standing wins.
-If you can't be good? Be LUCKY!

Beat everyone and you win a bucket of beer!

Come along early and enjoy happy hour drinks (until 8pm!).

We hope to see you all on Tuesdays!