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Venue : CATO
Date : 2018-06-14
Time : 2230 to 2230

“A certain darkness is needed to see the stars".

Greetings Earthlings,

Be prepared to strap yourselves in as we fire up the purple rumbling giants once again at a new dance temple.

Full fluoro and Filthy Bass Expected.

So come down with your friends, in-laws, world of warcraft clanmates and fellow space cadets to experience a special kind of group therapy that we like to call ZENTROPY.

What to expect:

- A progression of pulsating beats to keep you grooving all night long with some new and exciting techno talents.


A vibrant dancer, Shirshank brings his energy across the decks with some groovy techno for a good stomping

With a dangerous love for dark melodies and hard hitting bass, Sam plays techno to thrive

Danny (Algorhythm)
Wormhole traveling, chai sipping, prana infused being that loves cooking up a blend of progressive to full on choons.

- A soul enhancing funktion-one audio experience.

- Black lights and stunning UV body paint. Convince your friends that you know what you’re doing and test out your art skills on them! Fret not if you end up with a surprise UV ‘eggplant’ painted on your face, our UV paint washes off easily!

-A crazy bunch of friendly party animals, wacky shenanigans and lots of love and good vibes.

(Bad dance moves, kimonos and colourful sandals are especially welcome)


Venue: CATO. 7500e Beach Road Diners Building #01-201, 199595
Time: 10.30pm ~ 3.30am
Entry Fee: $15

*20% of our proceeds will be donated to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF).
Partying for a cause is always better.