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Pojer & Sandri Wine Tasting at the Bacco Office!

Venue : BACCO WINES Boutique Italian Wine in Singapore 46 Kim Yam Road, The Herencia, 02-09, Singapore 239351
Date : 2018-01-18
Time : 1900 to 1900

Join us for a POJER & SANDRI wine tasting!

Our 300+ wine portfolio includes over 40 wineries from all over Italy. Some wineries make only a few wines every year. Others have a wide range to explore.

The winery in our portfolio with the most wines is an INNOVATIVE estate in Trentino - growing their grapes on the hilly slopes of the beautiful Dolomite mountains.


Pojer & Sandri are renowned for their healthy wines that avoid the use of sulphurs.

The winery has numerous special projects such as the planting of cuttings (‘barbatelle’) that are resistant to the main diseases of the vine. In fact, their new wine, Zero Infinity, is the first of its kind - vinified without the addition of any chemical substances in the vineyard or in the cellar. Another patented innovation is their machine for washing the grapes before pressing, which removes earth, dust, insects, flowers and especially any residues of copper and sulphur from the skin.

What makes Pojer & Sandri truly unique is their path of non-oxidation. The company has developed new machines and new techniques that allow the grapes to be pressed in an environment that uses inert CO2. The result is truly remarkable: more character and freshness, rich aromas extracted from the skins and the preservation of natural antioxidants.