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Soulfeed Presents Âme Live with Ferng

Venue : Zouk
Date : 2017-10-14
Time : 2100 to 2100

So much can be said about the illustrious duo, Âme (Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann), and their much celebrated Innervisions label which they co-founded with Dixon back in 2005.

One thing for certain is that Âme does not believe in being conventional. They are boundary-pushers not only in terms of the music that they produce, or the label imprint that they run, but are also trendsetters right down to the way they perform. Turn up to an Âme DJ set and it will be Kristian on his own in the booth, and if it’s a live set, you’ll find Frank in full control of the sensory experience.

Zouk is proud to welcome Frank Wiedemann as he brings the acclaimed Âme Live production and creative genius to the Main Room.

Check out Âme Live's set at the Smirnoff Sound Collective Camp's visit at Ikarus here: http://bit.ly/2xVgU8m

For more information about Âme: https://www.facebook.com/ame.innervisions/

Admissions for non-members: $35 (ladies) / $45 (men)
For table reservations, please e-mail earl@zoukclub.com