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The Alcoholympics

Venue : BamBooze Tavern 924 East Coast Road, Singapore 459115
Date : 2017-08-19
Time : 1500 onwards

The Alcoholympics is gonna be the craziest drinking competition, you can attend! We want y'all! Invite your friends, those who think they can drink, literally anyone you know to the page and get them signed up! It's gonna be a day to remember

The event is gonna be 5 rounds of Drinking games, games like Beer Pong, flip cup and many more but not only that! There's also gonna be crazy giveaways, bottle auctions and other fun filled mini games to keep you occupied all through the day.
So if you have a group of 3 people who think they can outdrink everyone else. Let's see what you got! $150 to sign up, you'll get your info package and freebies!
Oh and just incase an afternoon of drinking wasn't enough, after the games! We'll provide a free bus ride to Boat Quay and you can choose to go to either Hero's or Mogambo Singapore for your free shot and continue your night partying away!