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Common Culture presents Creatures Of The Night

Venue : CANVAS
Date : 2017-08-19
Time : 1900 to 1900

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“Though you might think that nostalgia is conservative by definition, I believe it is also possible to be progressively nostalgic. How then? By not simply deploying the nostalgic longing reactively, but indeed proactively: nostalgia is the strategy by which to make the strangeness of new technology understandable.” – Koert Van Mensvoort

"Creatures of the Night", an initiative brought to you by emerging Singapore collective Common Culture, seeks to immerse its audience in creativity inspired by the human senses.

The Night, featuring a compilation of projects by Common Culture archived over a period of two years, invites you to experience and be a part of their creative process and how they truly stay inspired to inspire. From the selection of works, to the music and the interactive installations they'll create, they hope to showcase their versatility from the diversity of themes, all with a little help from their friends.

7pm – 10pm

Free all night


After Party:
10pm – 4am

Music by our friends:
Linda Hao
William J
Yadin Moha


ಠ ಠ ಠ
Common Culture, a name conceived to and examine and embody the culture of the common man, is a multi-disciplinary collective that collaborates with brands by studying and understanding their full potential. By exploring their personalities thoroughly, they hope to strengthen the brands’ identities.Through the assimilation of their personal experiences and knowledge of old and new ideas, understanding the local demographic and using different modes of presentation, they aim to bring something innovative and progressive to the table but always with a touch of play and humour.